PNGC Power Highlights

PNGC Power is a Oregon-based electric generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative owned by 16 Northwest electric distribution cooperative utilities with service territory in 7 western states:


Our company creates value for its member systems by providing power supply and other management services. PNGC Power is a top aggregator of geographically diverse loads in the region and became the first electric cooperative in the country to receive a power marketing license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

PNGC Power offers members a competitive advantage despite significant weather and market-related challenges. With the benefit of having some of the most experienced professionals in the energy industry and by offering advanced tools, technology and policy leadership, we are able to serve our members’ load requirements reliably and cost-effectively. By coming together as PNGC Power, our member co-op utilities have more options than any one of them could have alone.

Member Benefits

More buying leverage

Access to advanced technical capabilities

Risk management capability and increased control

Financial strength; backed by over $1 billion in assets of member-owners

Ability to meet customers’ power needs in the new era of public power

PNGC member utilities have the collective clout to offer their customers reliable, low-cost power options at stable prices, now, and in the future thanks to the intense planning and forward-thinking vision of the PNGC Power Board and staff.

Managed Resources

Fiscal Year 2019 (aMW)