Energy Efficiency / Conservation

Advocating Responsible Stewardship

PNGC Power recognizes that careful stewardship of the environment through its operations is both good business and the right thing to do.We strongly support the clean, renewable hydropower system in the Northwest. And as the regional demand for electricity continues to grow, PNGC is committed to retaining the environmental and economic benefits of the hydro system while exploring other sustainable resources and energy efficiency/conservation options to meet our loads, now and in the future.

Energy Efficiency/Conservation is Key Resource

Energy efficiency/conservation is the cheapest and cleanest source of energy. By decreasing the amount of power we all use, we can lower our energy bills and help control rising energy costs. PNGC has the unique ability to pool member loads, which will provide one-of-a-kind opportunities for creative energy efficiency/conservation programs.

Climate Change

The PNGC board has a policy supporting consideration of diverse, reliable, and efficient electric generation sources that are economically and environmentally sustainable as options to meet current and future load requirements. We are working to meet our future energy needs and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Most of PNGC Power’s electricity comes from clean, renewable hydropower provided by the dams of the Federal Columbia River Power System.

Regional Energy Conservation Policy Leadership

PNGC Power staff is actively involved in helping set regional policy relating to conservation and renewable resources. We work closely, in various ways, with regional power planning bodies to represent the interests of our members and their customers.

Energy conservation is important to our members and their customers locally — and to all of us globally. That is why PNGC Power gets involved in helping set regional policy relating to energy conservation and renewable resources.

PNGC Power’s approach to energy conservation and renewables mirrors our approach to the other services we provide to our members — as a group, we can do more than any one of us can alone.

Energy Efficiency Facts


megawatt hours

the combined total of megawatts saved in Fiscal Year 2021 by PNGC Power cooperatives through Energy Efficiency Initiatives and self-funded projects.

Source: Bonneville Power Administration

That’s equivalent to:

Source: EPA, Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

1.324 megawatts

the capacity of electricity created by PNGC Power cooperatives’ solar projects.

Includes: King Estate Solar and Decatur Solar

4000 homes

Coffin Butte can provide renewable energy for.

Based on total generating capacity of 5.66 megawatts

12.85 megawatts

the capacity of electricity created by PNGC Power cooperatives’ small hydro projects.

Includes: Lake Creek Hydro, Island Park Hydro, Buffalo Hydro, Chester Hydro