Transmission Management

PNGC Power’s transmission staff is among the most respected and experienced in the region. We take responsibility for all aspects of delivering power.


We negotiate and manage the transmission service agreements for our member utilities, including:

  • Accurate scheduling
  • Interacting with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) on transmission policies, practices, and rates
  • Billing for transmission service
  • Optimizing transmission in preparation for the addition of new resources

Our transmission management services save individual members the expense of a full-time scheduling operation, contract administration, and policy expertise.


On the national, regional, and BPA levels, there are forums that affect transmission policy and PNGC participates in these to protect the interests of our co-op members. Forums range from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), to clarifying BPA’s transmission business practices.

In these forums, we:

  • Represent members in BPA rate cases
  • Help our members deal with specific transmission issues relative to their service territory
  • Represent them in billing disputes
  • Manage interconnection issues and transmission agreements